The “Hay Aspet” TV tournament belongs to the “Hay Aspet” Educational Charitable Foundation. It had been broadcast on public television for 10 years, from 2008-2018. 11 thousand students from numerous schools of the RA, Artsakh and the Diaspora, about 300 servicemen within the framework of the all-army “Hay Aspet” program had been participated in this game.

The aim of the game is to discover the gifted teenagers studying in the schools of the RA and Artsakh through the intellectual game and to contribute to the improvement of their educational environment through camping, various events and additional education.

Description of the TV game: The “Hay Aspet” is a unique TV school, which gives viewers the opportunity to receive new information on literature, history, geography, culture and other topics. The rules of the game have been updated several times. Three teams are competing, each of which wears one of the shades of the Armenian tricolor. The teams choose one of the letters of the Armenian alphabet that appears on the screen, under which the question is hidden. The winners of the semi-final game take part in camping in some beautiful places of the RA or Artsakh, and the winning team of the final game goes on a tour of Western Armenia.