The “Hay Aspet” educational charitable foundation was established in 2006 (Founder-Director: Karin Tonoyan).

The goal of the foundation is to create patriotic organizations for children and youth in the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh, to educate the growing generation with the help of universal and national ideas, to impact on the consolidation and the development of patriotic knowledge among Armenian youth living in different parts of the world through pan-Armenian events and TV programs.

In 2006 groups of children from the schools of the Republic of Armenia were formed as platoon of Nzhdeh (little vagrants), who, guided by the national ideology (particularly of G. Nzhdeh), would take part in natural, military-patriotic, camping and other events.

The “Hay Aspet” educational and cultural center was established in 2006 with the aim of organizing the patriotic upbringing of schoolchildren through additional education; developing patriotic, welfare, Armenian upbringing of the Armenian youth with a high level education; impacting on the growth of the interest to the military education among young Armenians;, promoting the necessary connection between the army and the school.

Mythology, patriotism, etiquette, national song, national dance, martial arts, national ideology, speech culture and other subjects have been taught.

Excursions, mountaineering, events for caring nature (tree planting, cleaning of areas, etc.) have been organized. 

The “Hay Aspet” intellectual TV game was opened in 2008, the aim of which was to find the gifted teenagers studying in schools of the RA and Artsakh and to contribute to the improvement of their educational environment through camping, various events and additional education.

The TV game had been broadcast for over 10 years. 11,000 students from many schools of the RA, Artsakh, the Diaspora and about 300 servicemen within the framework of the all-army “Hay Aspet” program participated in it.

During the broadcast of the intellectual game, hundreds of children took part in camping in the regions of the Republic of Armenia, and each year the winning teams travelled to Western Armenia for a tour.

The “Hay Aspet” has become a home for many participants of the game, who still keep visiting and participating in various events even after the closing of the TV show.

The “Hay Aspet” comprehensive school was founded in 2016, which stands out with its national description and warm family atmosphere. In addition to general education programs, the school also provides additional education: mythology, Turkish, folk song and dance, orchestra, cultural history, etc. Lessons are being done at school. Different events, such as camping, events for caring nature, traditional events are being organized.

Through the efforts of the Foundation, patriotic films, a self-taught folk dance instruction, a karaoke collection of camping songs, etc. were shot.